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Thread: Bon Jovi Tickets March 19/20 front row, take a guess on the price?

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    Bon Jovi Tickets March 19/20 front row, take a guess on the price?

    $1725 FACE VALUE! ..... so i called my ticket broker buddy, told him i need 2 tickets first or second row in montreal... i was horrified at what he told me.. paid $150 each for GA 3 years ago to see them at Parc Jean Drapeau and ended up 10 feet from the stage.. but for $1725 plus scalper fees???? unreal how bands care about the people who made them a success these days........

    here is the proof

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    If they can find enough asses to fill the seats at $1725, that is what they should charge. If they charge less than the market price, all they accomplish is to guarantee a payday for the no-talent parasite scalpers.
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    plain and simple it is a slap in the face to the real fans, even my buddy who has been wheeling and dealing in this biz for years said its messed up.

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    That's fucken absurd!!
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    I was in Mtl a couple of months ago at the time the Habs' centennial game was being held. Even though i'm not a habs fan, i'm a die-hard hockey fan, so i wanted to go to the game. But if i was going to go, i wanted to have decent seats, in the reds. Well, i couldn't get anything under $400-500 for a pair. I even waited until the last minute with no luck. I spoke to a couple of scalpers i've dealt with before & even they were pissed off at the Habs for considerably the price of tickets for that particular game, since many scalpers had trouble making a profit out of the transactions since people weren't willing to shell up big $$ for that game, which also happened to be on national tv. Not only was their profit margin small or non-existent in some cases, but many of them wound up stuck with tickets.

    Needless, to say, i watched the game on tv. I wasn't going to shell out anything more than $200-250 for a single ticket for a game that was already on tv. I'm glad i didn't.

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    At 1725$ its a special package you can find list of whats included in that price at that address: there's still some left btw

    It's still pricey but I just wanted to say it's not just for single entrance at the door.

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    I saw them last time they were here and it was a fantastic show. With a bit of luck, I'll see one of their shows this year too. If you're a Bon Jovi fan, you won't be disappointed with the show. Whether or not it's worth the money is a personal decision I guess.
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