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Thread: Les Canadians

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    Les Canadians

    Do any of my Merbite friends have or know how I can get some ticket for the Canadians vs Boston on Nov 27th. or Dec. 4th? I'd like to make a trip to the Bell Center and patronize some of my favorite agency's as well. Feel free to PM me.



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    Individual tickets have not gone on sale yet, when they do, I get mine through the website, or, you can go to the Bell Centre website and look under "calendar" and that will link you to the game you want

    There looks to be about a 99.99% chance of a lockout, probably lasting 1/2 the season. maybe they are waitng to see if there is a last minute deal before Sept. 15 (when the CBA expires) before puting the tickets for this season on sale, but that looks to be very unlikely.

    this whole work stoppage situation over the cba has me depressed and annoyed
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    dude is an optimist...
    i wouldn't rush put and buy your'll be a bitch getting your money back from the owners after they lock the players out...

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