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    CL Experiment

    In the past I have posted in the personal section of Craigslist offering free massage services for women. I have tried different ads with different texts and formats and always achieved poor results

    I then questioned other posters with similar ads and they all reported poor results as well.

    I took a step further and posted a new ad but this time included 2 pictures that I had copied from a “Model” internet site. The man was fit and handsome and no doubt desirable. Again no response

    I took a further step by placing another ad with different text and two new model pictures. Again the guy man was very attractive in a realistic way. Result: no responses

    As a final step I posted an ad with an attractive girl attached. Results: 20 responses, (mostly with pictures included) in the first hour. Then my ad got pulled by craigslist for a reason that I am not sure about. It could be that because I posted 3 days in a row, with pictures in the same section, (all pics were proper) that they flagged me???

    My goal was not to deceive anyone, but only a little nonscientific experiment to find out if there are actually any real women who read these ads and are prepared to respond. I know that there are certainly many eager men ready to reply.

    Most of us know that posting in the personals is a waste of time, but I guess it is like the lottery where there is still a chance to win a big jack pot.

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    Most women interested to find love online will look on a dating site instead of CL

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    Here are the rules.
    Serious dating sites and lists, women somewhat outnumber men.
    For sex, horn dog sites. Men outnumber women 1000 to 1.

    Even a ratbag of a fat, ugly broad can find some pathetic loser to eat her out.

    The only exception is a very, rare breed of couger, say 50 to 60 that still looks good and wants to fuck 16 to 20 year old guys. She will hunt around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Mercury View Post

    The only exception is a very, rare breed of couger, say 50 to 60 that still looks good and wants to fuck 16 to 20 year old guys. She will hunt around.
    Thats what happens when you're a product thats in demand, you get to have a wide selection of suitors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by raver View Post
    I recently repeated a successful CL experiment where I posted a "voyeur seeks exhibitionists" ad in the m4mw casual encounters section. After a couple of e-mail exchanges I received an invitation from a couple to have some fun after I assured them I was happy to watch and would only participate if invited. Well it took only a glass of wine and some small talk before he directed her to stand in front of me and display her wares. What a hot lady! She as wearing a tight fitting black minidress and turned to display a fine derriere clad in black panties. To this point I was only watching but he told me to have my way with her so I was happy to oblige and let my fingers do some walking.
    I remember reading your ad

    Good for you fella!

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    Being disappointed may be part of the result, but just remember your safety when a guy leaves the room you don't know what risk you are subjecting yourself to when he returns and you are engaged otherwise.

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