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Thread: VLT games

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    VLT games

    Which one is your favorite game?

    For me its Frost & Fire, I have the most luck with it. I always choose the machine that has the most Suns already found.

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    I don't play them, but I have a question for those who do: Without BS, what sort of luck do you have pulling from them as regular players? I'm sure anyone can drop some few coins and get lucky, but for those for who it's a more serious hobby, how does it work out? Do you even come out ahead at all, or is it more a question of being willing to lose a certain amount constantly for an occasional fun win?

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    Doesnt look like many merbites play VLT's or they arent willing to share their info. As for the question I cant answer it as I'm an occasional player and dont do this as a full time hobby but have nothing against those that do.

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    No merbites play vlt's?

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    Quote Originally Posted by master_bates View Post
    No merbites play vlt's?
    Do you know what the 'e' in merb stands for? One expensive addiction is sufficient.

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