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    Angies - Moncton

    Went to Angie's in Moncton Last night. For a "small town" place, it's pretty good. I always have a good time there.

    There were a few Diamond's in the rough.. Most of the talent wasn't worth taking in the VIP, but a few gems did come along.... I spoke with a few ladies and from what I can gather, the folks around here like a little meat on the bones, and seem to prefer dark meat at that.

    I don't mind a little dark meat, in fact I rather like it as well, but I'm more into the well toned girls.

    I tend to like 2 types of personalities... Great Game (I'm so hot for you, let me show you) or Sweetheart (Sits and talks to you for a long time and doesn't push the dance, but will casually remind you every now and then)... And I found both last night.

    Mercedes, I think a local girl, was great, performed very well. Likes what she does and it shows. My advice, play a little hard to get and it will be worth your while... Or at least it kinda worked for me...

    Fire, a local girl.. Was just the coolest dancer I've ever met. Cute little redhead, with loads of personality, and doesn't really "play the game" ... she is who she is, like it or not... I'm usually a big fan of "the game", hell that's why I go to the strip club.... But she was such a sweetheart, and performed very well also. Was kinda like going on a first date, get to know each other, and go from there. . So I didn't mind that she didn't play the "your the hottest guy in here" game...

    There were some other very hot girls there, but the 2 or 3 I took back for a dance were a little stale once we were in the VIP. They were hot as hell, and gave a decent show, but not much else.

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    does anyone have experience with Alysia - a brunette with a Tatoo "Jerry" on her lower back?

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