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Thread: Why I would never stop if pulled over by an unmarked LE car

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    Why I would never stop if pulled over by an unmarked LE car

    I have also heard similar stories in the U.S where women were raped and killed not just robbed

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    Hi Master Bates

    I think if you ask the officer to call for a marked backup, they should have no problem, if they were legit...

    Hopefully. I'll never have to find out

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    It would be better if you called yourself, if they are fake cops they might haul you out and give you a beating.

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    I have to wonder. First, these punks were on the young side to be cops (18), let alone plain-clothes detectives. Second, they said their siren look like it came from Toys R Us. Third, why would plain-clothes guys be doing random vehicle stops and searches.

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    For unmarked and undercover police officers you can ask to see their badge and badge number.
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    Some police forces suggest that you don't stop for unmarked police cars but drive slowly to the police station or another secure place before stopping. Some forces invite you to ask for ID. (Which could be faked any way).

    The trouble is that police officers aren't always imbued with great senses of humour or endless patience when they sense their directions aren't being quickly obeyed. (Remind you of any other group? )

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