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Thread: Newbie, need help!

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    Newbie, need help!

    Hi everyone,

    Sorry for my english, it`s not my first language (it`s french).

    One of my friend recently became a SP and she received me at her home and give me the GFE. I pretty much fall in love with the idea and now I want to call some escorts agency to have great time with other girls. But how to do it correctly?

    First of all, I live in St-hubert and I have a motel 10 mins from my home. I know that every big agency have no problem going to south shore so it`s ok. I want to know if i`m supposed to reserve a room before placing my call of after. I don`t want to pay for a room and realise that no agency can send me a SP. Can i make the appointment before and call them again to give my room number?

    I wonder if it`s better to contact a agency by email or by phone? I am a littly shy by nature so i prefer by email but i suppose that i have better chance of success by phone. It`s just that i don`t want to be laugh at because i ask newbie question.

    I know what i want, i have no big request : gfe, , daty and Cim (it`s optionnal). I imagine that it`s primordial to ask if the SP provide theses services. It`s not really a question I just want a confirmation

    Lastly, which agency is better for a newbie like me?

    Ok that`s all for the moment. I`m nervous

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    Can anybody ask by PM or something like that?

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    If your friend is Jazz you're a lucky guy!!
    Its not difficult to see a girl but if its your first time I would call an indy and not an agency and talk to her before you see her and let her know about your nervousness and how its your first time seeing an SP. She will understand. I would make an appt first and then book a room.
    Phone is the best way to contact them, dont worry everyone was a newbie one time. If you're really not sure you can ask your SP friend for more information unless you dont want her to know you want to see other SP's.

    Goodluck and let us know how it goes.

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    Thank you for your answer.

    Yeah, it's not hard to know who my friend is when you look at my first two post

    I was under the impression that I have to book a room first without knowing if any girls of my choice would be available. I think my nervousness will past after my first call. It's the hardest step, haha.

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