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Thread: Reviewing a duo?

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    Reviewing a duo?

    I recently posted a review of a great duo with Janet and Candy of MSC. Now I note that someone who saw Candy alone has posted a response.

    This makes me wonder what the protocol is on posting a review of a duo. I don't think Candy has her own thread, which is obviously where this member's post shoud have gone. So since Candy does not have a thread, should he have started one? Should I have started one for her and repeated the post (which would seem to be a violation)?

    Mods, I hope this is the right spot for this question.

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    To make it easier to follow, I suggest duo be reviewed in a duo thread and keep solo reviews on their own. In a case like yours, it could go like this:
    I had a duo with Janet and Candy from MSC. Both girls have been reviewed individually here and here www.???.com
    Having a duo and posting the same review for both girls in their separate solo thread would be a violation since we don`t allow duplicate posts.


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    Thanks, Mod. Might I suggest, if possible, that the review of Candy then be moved to its own thread?

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    You are right Bumfie, I missed that one. Done.


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