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Thread: Madatory snow tires, second year. Was it a good idea?

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    Madatory snow tires, second year. Was it a good idea?

    I have always had winter tires with dedicated rims for winter driving. I think that mandatory winter tires should be law across the country. Now, is it safe to change over to summer tires on March 15? Of course you know if you do you will cause a huge storm to dump record amounts of snow on Montreal.

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    Wow, it seems nobody cares what the lawmakers ram down the populace's throats. I think the snow tire idea is off base. Sure it might prevent fender benders at 3 mph, or slow a 30mph crash down to 27mph but the added confidence (speed) it gives drivers probably negates this. I took my Michilin Ice Radials off last week as I had to burn a couple of thousand KM's. Today I was in a remote area and decided to check out a natural attraction. I went down a winding dirt road and quickly realized how much snow there was left on back roads, but had no room to turn around. I had to keep going and even with my all season tires I got out of there. Ice radials make drivers feel they have some sort of control they never really have. All season radials are plenty good. Common sense is what counts most.

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    Hello TD,

    Personally I never believed in 4 tire changes. I always imparted common sense while winter driving and I have often been places in weather others feared to be out in. I often prided myself in my driving and rarely got stuck (4wd or not).

    A few years ago I did manage to get stuck in a spot I felt I should have been able to navigate. To be honest with you it frustrated me and encouraged me to look at 4 tire changes. The next winter I took the plunge. As fate would have it I was traveling the same spot with the same car. This time I made the grade under the same conditions. I was sold! To this date I have continued to purchase 4 tire changes and where I live they are not required. I also own a vehicle that is AWD and I still believe in the change.

    To your point of what really matters is common sense - I absolutely agree. Unfortunately many people lack said quality and that forces the politicians to govern to what could be called the "moron majority".

    Unfortunately this past winter the occasions to really use the winter tires were limited with the lack of winter...although mine came in very handy on a couple of occasions.

    Spring is about to be sprung.
    Keep having fun.

    Enjoy life my friends....

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    It was a good idea. The deveopments in tire technology created winter tires that are safer in winter than the summer tire (aka "four" seasons).

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