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Thread: Rosanna Arquette photos in playboy

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    Rosanna Arquette photos in playboy

    Rosanna Arquette is no longer as young as she was, but I still like her. Anyway, some of her photos in various stages of nudity have appeared in Playboy.
    Does anyone have a url or some scanned photos to show here?

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    if you saw her on the LWORD a couple of years ago you would think she is still really hot

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    To me she, and her sister Patricia, are the sexiest woment in show business.

    Any SP's who look like her?

    For that - I'm in!


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    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Erosthesenses View Post
    ss. Any SP's who look like her?
    Back in 2000-01, Heartbreakers used to have a popular sp that looked a lot like her (according to reviews). I'm not 100% of the name she used, but i think it may have been 'Melane'. If i remember correctly, she retired & used the money she made from the biz & bought herself a house.

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