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Thread: Vicky Vix pré-booking for this week-end!!

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    Angry Vicky Vix pré-booking for this week-end!!

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    New schedule online!

    1-Choose you perfect day in my online schedule

    2- Send me a e-mail including:
    -Complete name
    -Exact Hours and day expected for the meeting
    -Phone number where i can reach you discretely 1-2h before the meeting
    [email protected]

    3- Wait...

    514-588-8356 --) Please make sure you give me much details as possible in you message

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    Vicky Vix

    Hi Guys,
    This is my schedule for the next few weeks, booked your perfect day and perfect hours now!!!

    13 May 7pm - 10pm
    14 May 1pm - 10pm
    15 May 4pm - 6pm
    19 May 8pm - 10pm
    20 May 1pm - 10pm
    21 May 1pm - 10pm

    My Website:

    My online schedule:

    My phone number: 514-588-8356 *** Please note that my phone is not often open, Pré-booked you appointment via my e-mail: [email protected]


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    I'm available tomorrow: 8pm - 10pm

    Je suis disponible demain: 20h - 22h

    Vicky Vix

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