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Thread: Date Playlist on IHOME

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    Date Playlist on IHOME

    I have an ihome which I can bring to my hotel in mtl. My playlist are good for working out but not really for a date. The radio stations seem to play the worse music when I have a date and the best music when I have no one in my room. Anyone have a good set of songs that are good for a date. I can download them. Let me know the best 10 songs for a date. thanks.

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    My playlist consist of the latest RnB, HipHop, and Club music out there and all the girls seem to love it. I am still relatively young or look younger so I can relate to the younger taste in music of our SPs. But if I was older gentleman I don't see myself playing the type of music that I play for them now.
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    i am younger but I am looking for specific titles.

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