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Thread: World Cup of Hockey Final – Canada vs. Finland

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    World Cup of Hockey Final – Canada vs. Finland

    Enjoy it, could be the last hockey for awhile. It looks to be a close game, I’ll take Canada 2-1.

    Come on Toronto hockey fans!! I know it must be depressing to cheer for the Leafs for the last 40 years with out a Stanley Cup, but make some noise !!

    I went to the two games at the Bell Centre during the round robin and the atmosphere was amazing, too bad they couldn’t move the gold medal game here instead!

    Go Canada Go !!!
    Bičre Froide, Cold Beer! Tricolore jusqu'au bout!
    Les Canadiens sont lŕ!

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    Who cares about hockey, the baseball world series are comming up ...

    Hope it'll be a good game still ... for you hockey fans out there.

    Go Canada !


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    Thumbs up The thing you hear........

    I know what you mean, it was very good almost as good as game three of the playoffs Tampa bay vs. Montreal. The Building was shaking, it was amazing!!!

    I never thought I would hear "Go Canada, Go" in the Bell center. In Montreal, sport fans love you or hate you. I love the hockey and football, the atmosphere is amazing!!! Great football game on sunday, Montreal seems to be a powerhouse!!!!

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