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Thread: Montreal Sex City and Ms. Jessy - The Most Reliable Agency

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    Thumbs up Montreal Sex City and Ms. Jessy - The Most Reliable Agency

    I have been a regular client of the wonderful Ms. Jessy ever since she started her agency - Montreal Sex City. I must say that she and Peter are the two best people to work with.

    Having tried other agencies, I vote with my dollars and I go to Jessy any time I want great service. She is a sweetheart to do business with and her women are some of the best in the business.

    Over the past two to three years, I have come to trust Jessy's recommendations and judgment and I've never been disappointed. She knows my taste in women, and she always comes up with the right choice for me. Also, her girls come on time and they all have great attitudes. Which for me is the biggest turn-on !!

    Keep it up Jessy. You set the standard in this business !!

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    I'm another fan of this agency, for the record. So, LoveHot, you should do more reviews, which might help more than a post like this, which is bound to draw criticism.
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    i <3 msc ... jessy's my fav booker

    jessy has by far the best phone voice of the bookers i deal with.

    anyone else wanna second that...

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    me yep she is the best
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    Jessy's great at what she does. From what I understand when she was an sp she was one of the most liked providers out there, but I wasn't in the scene at that moment. All I can say is that she's very professional and friendly. If something goes wrong from the agency side of things, she'll make it up to you. I personnally always had a great rapport with her.

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    Yes Miss Jessy is the best!!!

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    She is my favourite as best. Sound advice when asked and quite sincere. She has my trust and i think the reverse might be true as well! Just a pleasure, always.

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    Hmmm. I'm glad she is doing a good job for you guys. The last four or five times I've called her, over the last year, I got put on hold and either disconnected or hung up on.
    Several years ago she gave me the phone number to another agency that I had misplaced. That was back before "they had computers on the internet." (to quote Homer S.)
    I have always thought highly of her and her business ethics because of that, even though she refused to send any of her ladies to the particular motel, citing issues with the motel, I was forced to stay at when I was in Montreal, and I don't blame her for that.
    I would like to see Naomi again, and a few of the other ladies in her employ, and am able to stay at a better hotel. Perhaps I'll try again sometime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wallseye View Post
    Jessy's great at what she does. From what I understand when she was an sp she was one of the most liked providers out there, but I wasn't in the scene at that moment. .

    I met her twice for encounters. She was a wonderful petite darling at the time, and I'm sure she still is. From all my experiences she has become just as desirable as an agent as she was as an escort. She's easy to talk with and very honest about trying to make a match for me. It's always been a pleasure either way.


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    and beside I love the way she ends he conversations with a sweet and rapid little 'bye..bye'

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    I also agree that Jessy is the most polite and honest booker that I have dealt with. Very sweat voice. Because Jessy is so professional she currently has a great number of quality girls working for her. Almost everyday she has more girls available than any other agency. Moreover, all the girls are top notch service providers ! Bravo Jessy !

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    I am a firm believer that when something is tried and tested (over and over again) it usually means that something is going right. I also believe that when professional services rendered are exceptional that accolades need to be given to the appropriate individuals being recognized for them. Dealing with Montreal Sex City/Miss Jessy is not something new to me, as I have been booking with them for years. But the exceptional service and attention to client requests by Miss Jessy and her team (JP, Luc and Patrick) and most importantly the lovely ladies of MSC on a recent trip to Montreal has solidified the meaning of the phrase "true quality customer service". Miss Jessy is very much respected by her loyal team and she truly looks out for her girls. This is something that is evident in how her team treats their clients with respect and with top notch service. If anything was to ever be off, trust that Miss Jessy will act upon it immediately and try her very best to make things right again.

    I will relate a personal experience on the latter, in all the years that I have dealt with MSC, I only had one date that didn't go well and unfortunately it was with one of my ATF. I had not seen my ATF for almost 3 years and when I noticed that she was back on MSC's schedule, I jumped at the chance to pre-book her for multiple hours. When the day of the meeting came, I was happy to see her and thought that my ATF was just as happy (as I had seen her quite a few times in the past and always had a great time with her). To make a long story short, the date didn't go well and when I mentioned this to Jessy she took what I said very seriously and wanted to hear all sides before making her decisions. Jessy immediately put me at ease and I never felt as if I was left out in the cold. Jessy even tried to make things right by offering me a replacement which I respectfully declined her generous offer. I did so because I felt that it was a case of my ATF having either a bad day or maybe a change of heart about the business.

    Jessy takes these sort of things very seriously as she is always concerned about her agency's reputation and their proven customer service. Unfortunately, these are things that DO happen in this hobby and how an agency deals with the matter makes the biggest difference in whether a client will continue doing business with an agency or not. Needless to say, I still continue doing business with MSC and Jessy has definitely built up a very good reputation these last 10 years. Once people know about you and your good reputation, everyone will want to do business with you. A good name and ethical reputation will always carry you far! Kudos to Jessy and The MSC Team!

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    I happen to agree with all that was written above in nycbadboy128 post, i have been dealing with Miss Jessy and her team at MSC for years, actually since she first opened in 2007 i believe and as having a long standard record with MSC i cant say that there was only one incident but these things happen, only one incident that really needed Miss Jessy`s attention,and Jessy jumped on it right away and fixed it with a professional and graceful approach, all others were minor and unavoidable, from a girl calling in sick to a flat tire, all understandable in these cases.

    The team at MSC are amazing, the bookers, drivers and all the beautiful ladies, Miss Jessy knows how to put a smile on peoples faces and she only employs the most beautiful and talented ladies around, besides one rotten apple in the group, i have never been disappointed with the ladies i have met, beautiful, charming and always an amazing time to be had.

    I would like to send a big thank you to the team at MSC, especially JP and Patrick, they are always on top of their game, just from a little feedback from me, they can choose my next lady for me and never been disappointed with their choices.

    Hopefully Miss Jessy and her team will be around to accommodate us for a long time, yes, there are other great agencies out there, but its like anything else in life, you never forget your first..

    Although names and events described in this post are non-fiction, words written are in no way promotional or an attempt to shill for the agency in question and or receive any party favors, this message will self destruct in 10 seconds.......10 9 8 7 6 .............................................POOFFFFFF

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