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    Just trying to help

    I was rather curtly told my expertise is not welcome. For the record, I have a 4 year honours Bsc, a Masters in life sciences, and yes, I've completed Mcgill's 4 yr MD program. As a practitioner, I have a vested interest in the public health of my community. The atmosphere of mistrust you refer to is scary, and can only lead to continued high risk behavior. Hell, any encounter, even protected, with an STW is high risk. I understand my expertise is not welcome, but please, everyone, wear a condom. If you don't, wash your penis and genitals afterwards with soap and water, and an early pee might help. Just trying to help.

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    Unless you are willing and able to provide us with proof of your credentials, we cannot permit you to give any health advice as a health professional on MERB. Permitting this could open MERB's moderators and owner to legal action if any advice you give leads to complications. If you are indeed a licensed medical practitioner you should be well aware of this. No one should be basing their health related decisions on what they read on the internet, such decisions should be based on discussions with a known licensed health professional.
    It is the responsibility of everyone in this hobby to inform themselves of the possible risks involved.

    This thread is now closed and any further posts on this subject which include claims of your professional status will be removed and will result in a suspension and possibly a permanent ban.

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