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Thread: Concerns about HPV

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    Question Concerns about HPV

    Hello merbites,

    I see lot of threads on gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis and other STDs, but for some unknown reasons to me, I can't see any on HPV. What surprise me the most is that this type of STD is far more common, easier to catch than any other and it can pose a real treat to women's health.

    I raise this concern about HPV since almost all STD transmission can be stopped using a condom and that HPV can be transmitted by exposed skin. This means that even if you are taking precaution by using a condom, you can get HPV. 15.2% of the women are infected with high-risk HPV that cause cancer. What makes me "nervous" is that the prevalence in the 20 to 24 years old range in USA is about 44.8%... In the sex business, the prevalence is even higher if I suppose that women in that domain have more exposure to men that met possible infected women or men. Even if sex workers received their HPV vaccines, it still doesn't mean that they cannot be a vector to transmit HPV to others.

    How do any of you in a stable relationship handles this risk of getting HPV and transmitting it to your loved one, knowing that it can cause cancer? Since it is so easy to get and they are so many people having it, is it a concern for you to get this STD knowing that a condom can't do much about it?

    How do you sex worker handle this situation? Any fear of having HPV that can develop into cancer? Any thought about being a possible vector for this STD?

    Sorry for my rough english, I'm doing the best I can!

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    If you're really concerned about HPV, just get the shots for Gardasil. When done, get the shots for Cervarix.

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    I wish to raise this thread since I consider this issue as quite important.

    How many of you, hobbyists, have done these vaccinations?
    I believe it’s a very small percentage.

    Prevalence of HPV seems to be huge, about 25% of population.
    And i guess it's even higher among sex-workers.


    So, taking into consideration that condom is not a full protection in case of HPV,
    the question to all non-vaccinated hobbyists is - how do you manage this risk?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kepler View Post
    If you're really concerned about HPV, just get the shots for Gardasil. When done, get the shots for Cervarix.
    Unfortunately, it is not that simple...

    From what I know Gardasil protects against the same 2 types of HPV as Cervarix PLUS 2 other types causing genital warts. Those vaccines are not generally given to men/women older than 26 for different consideretions. For those concerned, discuss with a doctor. Even when vacinated early, people are protected in 80% so there are still 20% of HPV cancer induced in the vaccinated population. There are a lot (around 20) of different types oh HPV and neither Cervarix or Gardasil protects against all types.

    After 26, most people are already contaminated by one type of HPV but a large majority will never have any symptoms. But there are evidences that if you are not HPV infected your chance to develop some cancer as the cervix's one are very low compare to infected people. That is why young girls are targetted to be vaccinated. For young boys the question is different as they rarely develop a deadly cancer. Also this vaccine is not cheap, more than $600.

    HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus. Hope that I'm helping to understand this important and complex topic.

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    Thank you for reply,

    I know a theory, I mean how do you guys manage this risk on practice?

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    1) Don't call for an escort
    2) If you do, don't let her touch you after she touched herself there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Montrealmontreal View Post
    ... Don't call for an escort
    So text message is OK? LOL!!!!
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    It can cause cancer in men too (throat/anal cancer for instance). There's not much you can do to prevent transmission though. However, keep in mind almost everyone will get HPV at some point in their life but a very little % will develop cancer. I guess you need to see it as a very small unavoidable risk (just as crossing the street every day). Women can get screened for precancerous lesions each X year too (my mother had to get treated for cervical precancerous lesions), but there's no screening for other type of cancer (which are even more rare than cervical cancer). Finally, the time it takes to develop cancer from infection is measured in decades, so at least you won't die young
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    If you are over 26 you can still get the vaccine but you must pay for it. You get it in three shots over the course of a few months. It's pricey but worth it depending on your circumstances. I get my testing done at and their knowledge of STIs is fantastic. Totally nonjudgemental medical care as well. After talking about my work with the nurse practitioner I decided to get the vaccine as I felt it was in my best interest. I already had the Twinrix for Hep A & B.

    Transmission of HPV is due to skin to skin contact of the areas not covered by the condom (think base of penis and labia). The condom offers some protection but not 100% (nothing but abstinence is 100%). With those infections that are transmitted through fluids the condom offers more protection.

    Hope my sharing of my real life experience with testing and protection helps those interested in the sexual health aspect of our play time.
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    I also received the vaccinations for HPV and Hep A&B at the same clinic as Charlotte. Just be prepared to spend close to $1000 for the two vaccinations. I thought it was worth it, considering my hobbying. Too bad they make it so pricey.

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    There is a reason why the government won't pay for the vaccine if you are over 26. The chances you haven't been infected by HPV already are low, so it would not be efficient for the government to pay for your vaccination. The same reasoning could apply (or not) to an individual paying for it. I guess it also depends on your income and how much a hundred $ is worth to you.

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    McGill launches major study on prevention of HPV using carrageenan-based "Divine 9 Personal Lubricants with Carragel"

    Divine 9 website

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    The HPV vaccine has been out for several years and has proved to be very effective. More so than the flue vaccine which is given at great cost every year and is not effective as the next round of flue virus has not been identified until after it hits the general population. Nova Scotia is giving HPV shots to those under 26 and over 65 (maybe us seniors are more sexualy active than we thought) or is it retirees have more time to enjoy themselves. Food for thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldbutartful View Post
    Nova Scotia is giving HPV shots to those under 26 and over 65 (maybe us seniors are more sexualy active than we thought) or is it retirees have more time to enjoy themselves. Food for thought.
    The reason to give it to those over 65 is that when you get old your immune system begins to go south, plain and simple. Most healthy adults who are infected with HPV virus do not show any symptoms because their immune systems are able to combat the virus. Once you hit your late 60s, the immune system begins to weaken and things that were previously easily fought off can no longer be fought off. It is really that simple. If you ever took any immunosuppressant drugs like biologics or corticosteroids you would know what I am talking about as well.

    Those under 26 get it because they are the ones engaging in the most unprotected, irresponsible and drunken sex in our society. We reduce the costs of medical treatment in the long run by inoculating them.
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