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Thread: HDHs seem to be thriving

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    HDHs seem to be thriving

    What's going on? In a blink of an eye, new agencies like Independent Network, Platinum, Forbidden Fantasy, Classique, have sprouted. Aleeva has raised rates and FKS increased membership fees.

    TO seems to be a better option - the best girls there are less than $250/hr. Strong competition from EE agencies keeps the rates in check.

    As a hobbyist, I feel compelled to spend $300/hr to see the best girls. Me no likey

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    Let the guys who live in Montreal support them. The economy must be doing well there. I for one don't want to spend $300/hr and spend $125 per night or more for hotel. I had a voracious appetite when I went to Montreal. I could see up to 10 different girls (some multi-hours) with maybe a couple of doubles. My total cost was about $2000 CA. The same appetite would cost double or more with the HDH rates. I am waiting this one out.

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    I agree. We should start soner than that. They have look like Claudia Schiffer to get those rates. ( yes, I know I am exagerating a bit). They want more than porn stars get for a movie for a long term session.

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    HDH's are going to have their place in this industry, but i doubt they are being booked as frequenly as they'd like.

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    Most business being probably from businessmen coming to Montreal!
    And they also have to compete with those girls working the local hotels and bars!

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    I'm not trying to offend anybody here, but I really wonder what kind industries do these men work in to make that much amount of money? There's way too much taxes in Canada.

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    Originally posted by Bud Fox
    My guess is that the rich simply aren't affected by economic cycles and the distribution of wealth is in their favor (in any country). The rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer isn't just a phrase, it's a fact. $500 CAD is a drop in the bucket for them and if I were rich, I wouldn't give a damn, either.

    As much as I don't like the tone in EBS's previous posts, I have to agree with him. The rich simply play the game (or any other game) differently than the average Joes.

    IMO, HDHs are gonna keep on growing with no end in sight. The internet has allowed them to expand and reach out to out of towners. And the people who can afford to play are flocking to Montreal.

    So yes, HDHs are not targeting locals, they're targeting American and European business man and tourists.

    It's not something I'm pleased to see (I'm American but ain't rich) but we just have to accept the way the game is played. Just like everything else in the world, there are 2 sets of rules for the haves and have nots.
    Bud, I am an out of towner from the standpoint of Montreal. I won't go thru the trouble of traveling more than 600 miles in total or even flying to Montreal, paying $400 US in hotel bills and another 200 to 300 in transportation to pay almost the same per hour as I can get here when what I can get here is just as good looking and accommodating. There are a couple of agencies in NY and NJ and a couple agencies that have girls from FL that have some very hot young women. I don't think Donald Trump (even though the guy is officially broke) types are flocking to Montreal for the providers, even the Higher level. There may be a couple guys here on the board that can afford to make a trip a couple times a year and use the higher level market with the same gusto that we would at the lower end (if it were the same as 4 years ago), but that is not enough to keep it affloat. The local guys make a big contribution to the market. If I come up a couple times a year, I don't want to spend $2000 CA not including expenses to see 5 or 6 girls in 3 days. BTW, rich guys can go to Germany to the FKK clubs or the Bahamas where they fly in girls from Europe and South America. Why would they go to Montreal where it is freezing past November until April? I don't see this market lasting.

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    IMHE(In my humble experience........................

    I have experienced where the HDH agencies are almost always run in conjunction with a LDL agency. ( some even with a MDL agency in the middle) Some times you will get the same girl but pay a different price depending on which number you have dialed.

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    Originally posted by pierrepaul
    I can't imagine someone actually making a trip up here for the sole purpose of seeing escorts.
    Pierre Paul,

    I wouldn't say it is my sole purpose, but primary purpose yes.

    I'll be posting two HDH reviews later.

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    And prices in Europe have risen also.

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