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Thread: Montreal downtown live and/or music venues/bars?

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    Montreal downtown live and/or music venues/bars?


    I've been frequenting downtown Montreal for many years now (I'm from upstate NY), but the routine is typically the same. Hit a few strip clubs, and end up at the bars on Cresent/St Caterine at the end of the night. I'd love to try to hit some new places up. I'm a huge rock music fan, and an even bigger fan of it being played live. What bars play rock and/or live music? Most of the places that I end up on Cresent play are hip hop/rb.


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    What bars play rock and/or live music?
    Depending on your tastes, walk up St-Laurent to Divan Orange or Casa Del Popollo, playing live music pretty much every night with a preference for anything indie (so check in advance what's playing, or simply keep an open mind). Barfly, also on St-Laurent, will play dirty rock all night.
    Some other live places on St-Denis corner of Mont-Royal (Quai des Brumes and another one I think), or Bistro ŕ Jojo on St-Denis just Noth of Maisonneuve, for more bluesy stuff (and the obligatory bikers parking in front)
    Pubs around Crescent should offer their share of Irish or folkie bands.

    Pick a copy of the Mirror for the weekly listings, or the new pocket-sized CaMuz (, it's in French but "rock" is spelt the same way)

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