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Thread: Body building women in the MP or SP business!

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    Body building women in the MP or SP business!

    I remeber seeing a segment on 20/20 the ABC news program on friday nights at 10:00 pm., about women wrestlers and body builders that offer MP and SP services. I have seen an ad for one woman nmaed Genevieve Fleury that offered more or less a private show with her where she will wrestle with the client, but this service did not offer any nudity or sex. Has any of you heard of any body building MPs or SPs?

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    Vous pouvez toujours essayer Liane Dufresne de Laval. Elle estou était la championne mondiale du Tir au poignet toutes catégories confondues. Elle battait les hommes forts.

    Mais attention ! Elle a les biceps plus gros que vos cuisses, elle est tout de meme jolie pour sa carure !

    Donnez moi en des nouvelles.

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    Try She is still listed in the spreadsheet and was an escort in Montreal. She moved to Ottawa and I don't if she is still escorting. At least you'll have the pictures ;-)


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    There was also a thread on Genevieve Fleury!
    Used to advertise in The Mirror.

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    don't know about you guys, but too much muscle definition on a girl just doesn't do it for me

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