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Thread: The Best City for men

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    The Best City for men ranks cities all over the world on seven factors: weather, cost of living, professional life, dating, night on the town, day on the town and this year's newcomer, fresh air factor.

    Data coming from the United Nations and global consultancy Mercer are used, among others.

    Following is this year's list of top 29 cities for men. 1. New York City 2. Melbourne 3. Tokyo 4. Madrid 5. London 6. Cape Town 7. Miami 8. Buenos Aires 9. Sydney 10. San Francisco 11. Paris 12. Los Angeles 13. Hong Kong 14. Tel Aviv 15. Barcelona 16. Sao Paulo 17. Berlin 18. Lisbon 19. Beirut 20. Istanbul 21. Shanghai 22. Montreal 23. Amsterdam 24. Chicago 25. Toronto 26. Kyoto 27. Bogota 28. Rome 29. Las Vegas.

    Montreal ranks 22nd and Toronto is 25th. Do you agree? It's hard to imagine that New York City is number one. It's also difficult to explain how Tel Aviv is number 14.
    Sao Paulo in the 16th place: Good score concerning the weather. It's probably on the list because of the night life : a score of 18/20 and the business opportunity. They have among the best restaurants in the world and the women are gorgeous

    Any comment on this list?
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    As someone who lives near New York City and travels there often, they must be rating professional life, dating, night and day on the town highly because the weather is not that great, the cost of living is out of sight and the fresh air factor is poor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by protagoras View Post
    It's also difficult to explain how Tel Aviv is number 14
    It's been written about on this very board. Check archives.

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    I think Pattaya is the best city in the world to live, if you are a simple person, you will not try looking for reached a nirvana but simply reached an orgasm.

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    I'm ready to verify all these cities and report to you and all on this board. One year in each town! I'll need a bit of financing ;-).
    Joking appart, I think that every member would have a different list of best towns according to their specific interests and tastes. I'd surely like Pattaya after reading different forums!!!
    One day I'll visit Sao Paulo with Protagoras as this town seems to be esquisite in many ways. Montreal would certainly be in my best list. Others that I've visited, I've liked as a tourist but things might be different if I'd live there.
    I'm also intrigued by other opinions mainly by members that lived or live in these towns.

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