View Poll Results: What would be the best day for the next GT?

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  • Saturday June 5th

    9 37.50%
  • Saturday June 19th

    5 20.83%
  • Saturday June 26th after week-end F1

    10 41.67%
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Thread: Best day for a gt?

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    Best day for a gt?

    on which day should the next gt be held

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    June 5th would be good for me as long as its also good for Ricky Bonds and his harem.

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    anytime is great for a GT, but if you want the maximum turnout, i think out of the dates given, June 26 is best. June 5 is kinda soon, June 12 is the GP weekend and the HDLM will be PACKED already,not to mention out of towners not willing to fork over 3-4 times the avg. cost of a hotel room. June 26 would give more time to get people interested, both Indy's, Agencies, and of course people from Merb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloudsurf View Post
    June 5th would be good for me as long as its also good for Ricky Bonds and his harem.
    same here, hey, maybe doc could invite Abby too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by benxxx View Post
    same here, hey, maybe doc could invite Abby too...

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    June 26th may not be a great idea because it's the long St-Jean Baptiste weekend and lots of people may be busy that weekend with family stuff.
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    Ok guys just changed the poll options to include june 19th

    Eva xx

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    This will be odd.. I'll bring around 7 of my 'girlfriends' that have never seen eachother.. To a place with a bunch of thirsty wolves., and many more potential 'girlfriends', I smell a catfight !
    .. Anyways, I won't be hard to miss... I'll be the guy with a bottle of 'grey goose' and a college student pouring my cranberry juice.
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    "after week-end F1" is june 19th.

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    June 5 looks a bit early to have time to recruit. Otherwise, it's fine for me. June 26 is no good I think: Saint-Jean-Baptiste and beginning of vacation with the kids. June 19 is maybe more realistic.

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    Le 26 juin pour moi est parfait..
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