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Thread: How late does everything run during F1?

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    How late does everything run during F1?

    I am visiting for the F1 weekend June 11 - 14.

    My flight into Montreal arrives at 12:14AM. Allowing for time to collect bags and clear passport control and customs, I expect that I will enter the city around 2 AM.

    I am considering whether I could A) sleep on the plane and B) stay up for the next 9 - 12 hours. I would check into my hotel around noon or 2:00 PM (hopefully).

    Is there enough to do between 2:00 AM and 2:00 PM in Montreal?

    On the flipside, I leave Monday morning at 6:00 AM. Could I avoid a hotel room on Sunday night? If I allow for 2 hours as I am returning to the U.S. and this is technically an international flight then I am leaving for the airport around 3:30 AM? That seems like I could push it, save a night in a hotel and enjoy MOntreal a bit longer.

    I can afford hotel rooms for all three nights but this is a guys' get away weekend and I like to save money.

    I appreciate everyone's response.

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    Aside the actual race...

    Here's one :

    And some other events...

    Cirque du Soleil
    April 24 to July 11, 2010

    We Want Miles: Miles Davis vs. Jazz
    April 30 to August 29, 2010
    The Montréal Museum of Fine Arts will satisfy your hunger with this unique exhibit on one of classical jazz’s biggest legends.

    Francofolies de Montréal
    June 10 to 19, 2010
    This annual musical rendezvous is back with more incredible shows where you'll be treated to great music, en français SVP

    Canadian Formula One Grand Prix 2010
    June 10 to 13, 2010
    The many activities include a boxing match between David Lemieux and Elvin Ayala at Uniprix Stadium on June 11.
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    Among the could head over to the Chablis St. Jacques, a destination any cab driver will be familiar with. They rent rooms for four hours for about 50$. Arrange with an agency to deliver you some company around 2:30. Assuming that she arrives on time, she leaves around 3:30, leaving you 2.5 hours to sleep before you have to clear the room.

    Many of the agencies in town operate until 4 am, among them both Devilish and Girls on Fire.

    Now 6 am, you head off to breakfast, and there are many options in all parts of town, and are occupied until nearly 8 am. You've now killed off half the time until your room is available, had some fun and a good meal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rumpleforeskiin View Post
    Among the could head over to the Chablis St. Jacques, a destination any cab driver will be familiar with. They rent rooms for four hours for about 50$.
    That would be a good suggestion for most of the year but on Grand Prix weekend, hotel rooms are fully book in Montreal and around.

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    Thanks for the suggestions.

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    How late?
    2 hours, that's how late, and I was just the second appointment.
    It didn't get better for the next guy as she overstayed 15 minutes... we were in the middle of "something".
    (my indirect questionning suggests I didn't get bumped, but it was really traffic hell back and forth)
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