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Thread: Friday Xtase line-up

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    Cool Friday Xtase line-up

    Hello everyone!

    Here is YOUR lineup for Friday:

    • Maya (starting today!). 34B, 5'4", 120lbs, Green eyes, wavy brown hair. More details and photos soon!
    • Jenna: 24 y-o, 34D (e), 5'6, 120 lbs., Hair and eyes: brown
    • Ashley: 24 y-o, 34DD (e), 5'8, 120lbs, Black Hair, Green eyes
    • Miaa: 19 yo, 34A, 5'8, 115 lbs., black hair, green eyes
    • Veronica: 18 yo, 34A, 5'7, 115 lbs., black hair, green eyes
    • Nadia: 21 yo, 36C (natural), 5'7, 122 lbs., blond hair, green eyes
    • Vanella: 22 yo, 34C (natural), 5'4, 110 lbs., black hair, green eyes

    As of today, our phones lines will be opened starting @ 8:00AM every day for your convenience and we will also have ladies starting earlier.

    More ladies as the day progresses, so please check this post again

    Lawrence (day shift)
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