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Thread: christie may @ maison massage

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    christie may @ maison massage

    hi everyone!

    i am back (but oddly my other thread has disappeared)!
    just letting you all know that AUGUST WILL BE MY LAST MONTH OF WORK...EVER.

    so, if you'd like to see me, you need to book within the two months!

    hours for the week of june 28 - july 4

    wed-fri: 11-7pm
    sat-sun: 11-4pm

    see you soon

    c xoxo

    p.s. for more info check out my website

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    week of july 5 -11:

    hi everyone,

    i will be taking the weekend off!
    sooo schedule is as follows...

    tues-thurs: 11-7pm
    fri-sun: off

    c xoxo

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    week of july 12 - 18:

    hope everyone had a good weekend like i did! i believe i will be taking a week off next week...not too sure yet but if you want an appt this week is the best bet!

    the hours:

    mon-wed: 11-16h
    thu-fri: 11-19h
    sat-sun: 12-16h

    see you soon!

    c xoxo

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    week of july 19 - 26

    hi all!

    i will be taking a week off starting the weekend so today and tomorrow or my ONLY working days this week.

    tues: 11-18h
    wed: 11-19h
    thurs-mon: away

    hope to see you soon!!!!

    c xoxo

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    week of aug 2- 8:

    hi everyone,

    this will officially be my LAST WEEK of work in montréal.

    tues-sun: 10-17h

    hope to see you soon before i leave!

    c xoxo

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