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Thread: Have you ever made an MP or SP "SQUIRT"?

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    Have you ever made an MP or SP "SQUIRT"?

    I have only made an SP, SQUIRT once, I was finger fucking her and I hit her G-spot. She started to jiggle and squirm. Next thing you know my finger were covered in the stuff.
    Later, she said to me:"Its been a long time since I had sex!..................What you don't believe me????" Maybe it was true, and I pushed the right buttons at the right time?

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    Squirting and secreting

    First off, you should have use the Search function, because it would have given you these links :
    girls who squirt and;
    girls who squirt incalls.

    Although Ronnie, Maylee or Zaphyr would certainly correct me on this, what you are describing is secretion. Secretion is a mucus fluid that is secreted inside the vagina and it can or could not come with an orgasm. Sometimes intense stimulation will generate good secretions. Most of the time it, comes with chemistry and technique.

    Squirting is to my opinion genetics. It’s the act of literally pissing a jet of water, for some little, for others a huge flow. It’s intense and you will know when it happens – a scream is an indicator. From experience, squirters love sex. Intense sex. Yet it always happen when you least expect and having soaked bed sheets is not always pleasant.

    PS: Use the Search link.
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    Make her laugh, make her smile, and do make her moan

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    Bruce you are right when you call Peterman`s experience a secretion and not a squirt.
    You are only partially right when you get into a discussion of the genetics of squirting. The authority (among sp`s at least) on squirting is misstyler who happens to be one of only 3 or 4 escorts who squirt while having an orgasm.
    Squirting has nothing to do with pissing . Its a liquid, from a gland, that comes shooting out of a woman`s vagina during contractions. Screams are not an indicator of squirting or even
    Screams are an indication of a woman being strongly stimulated.
    Squirters make up about 5% of the female population and most are over 30 years old. Yes and they do love sex

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    That's pretty friggin' hilarious Mr. S. Appeal!

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    spit or swallow?....hell no....swim for our

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    I remember a girl i got FS at Grand Prix. She squirt in the booth What a mess that was. I still laughing on that experience. It was some years ago. All i remember is that the girl was black.

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    female ejaculation is same as squirt .

    look up Female ejaculation on the web.... sort thru the porn and find a report on this subject.... a women that squirts and or gushes is know as a female that ejaculates.... Squirting and cumming are not the same. Most women i know cum first then they squirt. and then there are a few that will squirt with just a little foreplay and having the G. spot aroused.

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    The question was..Have any of you made an MP or SP squirt! Or, am I the only one that has ever made it to "everest"? (several times)

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    Originally posted by J. Peterman
    The question was..Have any of you made an MP or SP squirt!

    Or, am I the only one that has ever made it to "everest"? (several times)
    May your genitalia never fail ya.

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    J. Peterman, let me testify that you and Avery are not the only ones to make an SP squirt...

    They will forget what you said,
    they will forget what you did,
    but they will never forget the way you made them feel.

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    I believe that you may be right, but there seems to be very few hobbyist that will admit that they ever did make an MP or SP squirt!

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    Maybe I'm naive (that means ignorant in an innocent, honest way).

    But from my understanding of squirting; it is a porn flick creation where the girls fill up their vagina or rectum with water, hand lotion or other liquid and then squirts it out of their vagina or anus for our viewing pleasure.
    The filling up can be done on camera for extra thrills or off camera to insinuate natural squirting. A variation of this is girls urinating. If she has drunk a lot of water it will be clear & not yellow. Girls have their bladder close to the outside world so although they can't write their name in the stone they can certainly splash a good distance.

    Now vaginal lubrication is mostly from the lining of the vagina but there are also Bartholin glands at the vagina entrance. Do those glands squirt? I'm seen people squirt from salivary glands in their mouth but so far the pussy lube I've seen does not jump out at me. Although it might bubble and string.

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    Squirting is not a myth or just a porn flick trick. It does happen in real life. I made my ex explode once while fingering her and it was amazing. She soaked my arm up to the elbow. I don't know if all women can achieve it but I have made a couple of gf's get to this point. It's quite an amazing thing if the lady has never gotten to this point before as some can be quite embarrased by it. I take it as a compliment.

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    did i ever...

    did i ever make a sp squirt??? nooooooo..but 1 time in times square in new york city i picked up a korean hooker who i took to one of the hot sheet hotels in the area..before we got down to business,she announced I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM!!! since there was no toilet in the room,she took a crap in a waste paper basket!!! the whole room stunk...turned me off so much i left the room without getting any!!!!

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