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Thread: PSE ❤Mandy❤ on Board~! VIP ❤Karina❤Mina❤ in town too~! @ MAE Jul.9th.(All with Pics)

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    Thumbs up PSE ❤Mandy❤ on Board~! VIP ❤Karina❤Mina❤ in town too~! @ MAE Jul.9th.(All with Pics)

    [SIZE=``4``][COLOR=``Purple``][FONT=``Franklin Gothic Medium``]Gentlemen this beauty needs no introduction. Mandy is truly one of the most beautiful girl I have seen in this business and she has the attitude to match with it. She has an amazing body and a super-model face. This girl is the complete package! She is 5ft7, 120lbs, 34D natrual,black hair, brown eyes and 23 years old. Trust me guys, you will want to book her again as soon as possible~! ([COLOR=``Red``]120/30m 150/45m 200/h[/COLOR])[/FONT]

    [FONT=``Franklin Gothic Medium``]Karina is very petite and open-minded. She truly love what she does and it shows. Karina loves the company of a gentlemen, and showing him what it`s like to be pampered by a princess. Your time with her will be nothing but unforgettable. Always leaving you smiling when the session is through.[COLOR=``Red``](120/hh 150/45m 170/h)[/COLOR][/FONT]

    [FONT=``Franklin Gothic Medium``]Mina is a total sweetheart! Not only does she provide an excellent service but she does it with tenderness and pleasure that will make you think she is your real life girlfriend! An open-minded babe that will surely Rock your world!! One date and you`ll be amazed! She is 5`2, 90 lbs, 34B, black hair, hazel eyes and 21 years old.[COLOR=``Red``](120/hh 150/45m 170/h)[/COLOR]

    TEL: [COLOR=``Red``]514-559-7660 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting**************514-559-7660******end_of_the_skype_highlighting / 514-225-1242[/COLOR]

    Mandy`s Review

    Review: Mandy TOG

    It was a while ago when I saw Mandy and I haven’t been online much recently so this review is a little behind…so I apologize.

    Anyway, after reading several positive reviews on Mandy, I decided to go and see her for myself.

    A weird thing actually happened to me even before the session started. I went to the Scarborough location as instructed, and while I was waiting for phone guy to call me back to let me know Mandy was ready, a door to one of the units in the plaza I went to opened up and a pretty good looking girl waved me over. When I asked her if she was Mandy, she said yes and hurried me into a massage parlour. I had my doubts about what was going on, so I asked her again if she was Mandy and again she said yes, and then asked me for the money. It was in my hand in an envelope and she took it and counted it out. While she was doing this, I asked her, “Shouldn’t the rooms be upstairs?” She looked at me and said, “with this much money, you can have 2 girls”. I knew for sure this wasn’t Mandy, so I grabbed the money and headed back out of the unit. Immediately I called phone guy and he gave me the room number and up I went.

    When I finally met the real Mandy, I wasn’t disappointed. Facially, she’s isn’t gorgeous, but I also don’t think she is “ugly” as I’ve read in some reviews. To me, she is just an average girl with a great body.

    I won’t go into too much details regarding the session because it’s been covered in most of the other reviews I’ve read. Massage was fantastic…in fact, best I’ve ever had by far. Rest of the session was pretty good. Menu included rimming, , bls, fs, digits, msog, mpos, lfk/dfk, etc.

    I had a good time with Mandy. My only negative is that the massage over shadowed the rest of the session. As great as the massage was, if it had been a little shorter and the rest of the session a little longer, that would have been better IMHO…but overall I had a good time with her.

    Face – 6.5
    Body – 8.5
    Pussy – Shaved or trimmed short (long ago so can’t remember)
    Service – 8.5 (rated a little higher because of the stellar massage…but could have been even higher if rest of session was longer)
    Personality – 10 (got along great with her…English was great)
    Repeat – Yes
    Recommend – Yes

    p.s. – I did send TOG a message here about the initial problem I had at the beginning before actually going up to see Mandy, but they never replied to my message
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