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Thread: Becoming a DJ

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    Becoming a DJ

    I have been given an opportunity to DJ at my buddies weekly event at a bar here in NYC. I have a pretty good music library with well over 10,000 songs. I have a pc and have been running Virtual DJ software. I plan on using the music in my Itunes library to play music for the crowd. I'm running into a couple of problems and I was hoping that my fellow Merbites might be able to help me out with:

    1. The DJ software that I've downloaded will sometimes recognize the songs in my Itunes library and other times will not. It has something to do with the music not being recognized as an mp3 file even though all of my music is in an mp3 format. Any DJ software that can be recommended for a pc would be greatly appreciated.

    2. Is there something I need to do to my laptop to make my DJ experience a little easier? I'm running a Dell XPS with all the bells and whistles.

    3. Can any of you recommend a good board to join for up and coming DJ's?

    4. Any other helpful recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!


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