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    Video Conversion software


    I was wondering aside from ConvertXtoDVD is there another software that converts avi files to dvd format with ***** the feature of adding a menu ***** like ConvertXtoDVD does. I've always used this program and it's amazing but I got the following message "error while opening encoder for stream #1 due to bad values (possibly incorrect parameters)" this evening . . . help on both fronts .


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    I've tried many different programs and I keep coming back to ConvertX. You could always try total Video Converter from Bigasoft if you want something different, or even Ashampoo Burning Studio can do the job. The latest free Live Movie Maker from Microsoft can also do the job very well if you want something a little different that can output to HD if you want, if you're running Vista or 7 only though, no support for XP.

    But your problem with ConverXtoDVD shouldn't be that hard to fix. There could be a couple of could be the file you're trying to convert that has a problem so the first thing to try is another file. If that doesn't doesn't work you should go into your Video Processing settings and check the Multicore Processor option to see how many processors it's set to use. For some reason, some files won't convert properly or give errors when this is set to anything other than 1. So try setting that to 1 and see if it works. If you're running an older P4 system you should leave it at 1. If you're running a more recent dual or quad core system, you can bump it up to 2 or 4 depending on your CPU.

    If nothing seems to work, try uninstalling the program and re-installing it. You could also try upgrading to the latest version because VSO releases new versions really often.
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    You could look at DeVeDe. It does avi -> iso. You then burn the iso using some other program.

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