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Thread: Girls that do not finish

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    Girls that do not finish

    I do not understand this. I have been to a few mp and I find that a lot of the ladies during the hard release as soon and the first squit comes out of you they stop pumping. That is not good. I wish they would continue and milk it dry. I was at one place on Dollard in lasalle yesterday and this happened. I was not to happy as I had to pump it myself to get it all out.

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    Years ago, I used to see my now retired ATF Mia at Lotus and she would drain me until I could barely take the sensation. She used to love watching me squirm until I almost fell off the table. I never worried about a half done job with her.

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    I would think that there would be enough clients that tell them to continue and they would take the hint. It is a simple thing, if she does a good massage and you plan to return, just tell her at the begining of the HJ that you prefer continuous action.

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    It has happened to me a few times, just tell them to keep going. Could it be that they do not like touching the slimeys?

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