Friday Xtase line-up

Hello everyone!

Here is YOUR lineup for Friday:

  • Pamela (starting today!). 34C, 5'5", 115lbs, Green eyes, blond hair. More details and photos soon!
  • MarieEve: 20 y-o, 34D (n), 5'3, 115 lbs., Blond Hair and Blue eyes
  • Electra: 21 y-o, 34DD (n), 5'4, 110lbs, Blond Hair, Brown eyes
  • Mindy: 26 yo, 34C, 5'2, 105 lbs., Brown hair, green eyes
  • Emmanuelle: 23 yo, 34b, 5', 115 lbs., black hair, green eye

More ladies as the day progresses, so please check this post again