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[COLOR=``blue``]InCalls[/COLOR] with our 34DDD debutant [COLOR=``magenta``]Alayna[/COLOR] !!!!

Let`s Allllllllll take a look to our New Busty Beauty :

More ... Of course ... Take a much closer Look ...

[COLOR=``magenta``]Alayna[/COLOR] she`s all about service :
GFE, , DFK, Anal SeX, CIM with Swallow , MSOG, MPOS, DATY
Couples, Lezbo Duo`s and Russian .

[SIZE=``6``][COLOR=``magenta``]Nadya`s Vips[/COLOR] first in Class Courtesy ...[/SIZE]
Soft Drinks, Cold Vino & Coool Becks will be catered to You !

[COLOR=``magenta``]Alayna[/COLOR] will be available today from ```` 11am to 11pm ````
InCall Donation :
One hour call $200 including Anal SeX and !
Unlimited Swallow : $50 extra ... but so worth it !
Two hour Special ```` $380 ```` Includes Anal SeX & Unlimited Swallow !

Fantastic ... wouldn`t you say ...

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