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Thread: Hip Hop / R&B Clubs...

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    Hip Hop / R&B Clubs...

    ...I'll be visiting Montreal in early October, and a friend of mine wants to know where the good Hip Hop and R&B clubs are. If any of the locals can help me out, it will be much appreciated.

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    Thanks, we'll visit soon.

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    Do you want mainstream hiphop? old school? indie? some soul or funk thrown in there?

    As mentionned, Tokyo on Sundays - but I warn you the DJ is AWFUL, everytime I've been there the tracks are cut at awkward times, he cuts the music to let people sing for waaaay too long, he doesn't adjust his tempos correctly while's just a big big mess in my opinion.

    Otherwise (with more eclectic selection of hiphop/rap/rNb/etc than your simple radio playlist)-
    Blizzarts on Tuesdays
    Blue Dog on Sundays
    Le Consulat either on Thursdays or Fridays (I forget and will let you take the time to look it up)
    Velvet on Wednesdays

    Other bars worth checking out Vinyl, Korova, Ko´ (don't particularly like the place - but may have what you're looking for musically), Muzique (though police ends up showing up every night for fights/gang problems), Academy, Gogo Lounge, Koko Lounge, and that's all that comes to mind right now. There are a bazillion other places downtown, but I'm not in that loop.

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    Oh ya, and you won't be around, the third Saturday of every month ''THE GOODS'' happens at Sala Rossa, MOST definitely worth checking out.

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    Thanks demoiselle, my action list just got a little longer...

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    You aaaare welcome.
    Also, slight update,
    tokyo also places this music on Fridays - and Djs and crowd is not as bad.
    consulat has apparently changed its formula - and is only having sporadic events, so don't count on it.

    and not to veer too much off topic...but ''action'' list?

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    Action List = The plan for the week!

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