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Thread: Flora Revel: A Different Kind of Dominant, Visiting Sept 23-26!

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    Flora Revel: A Different Kind of Dominant, Visiting Sept 23-26!

    Visiting September 23-26. Pre-book now!

    Imagine an interlude where you are expertly handled, turned on and teased until you think you can't take it anymore. And then we go a little further.

    "The possibilities with Flora seem boundless to stoke the curious imagination."

    I'm Flora Revel. I've assumed the title, lascivious libertine for a reason. Explicitly, I am creative, deviant and engaged when it comes to play. I have a unique approach to companionship that encompasses domination, kink, fetish, sensual interludes, public outings, ongoing arrangements and eccentric requests. I am well-reviewed and I adore what I do.

    "Of all, the one thing that struck me most was how multidimensional Flora is, and how much she loves what she does. It's a genuinely intense experience."

    I believe that one's sexuality is an exciting and important part of one's being, and exploring it can be an incredibly enriching experience. Come explore with me. I offer a sanctuary that is safe, comfortable and fully discreet - and an experience crafted to your individual desires.

    "There is a passion in her eyes, and the way that she moves her lips in unparalleled, and extremely taunting, as she opened my own personal Pandora's box of dark desires."

    My style of domination is unconventional. I am naturally dominant, but I am also compassionate, intuitive, communicative and nurturing. I enjoy a range of play, and I revel in crafting memorable sessions based on your interests and limits. I will be bringing a semi-equipped toy bag with me and staying in a comfortable suite.

    "[Flora is] creative, playful, comfortable with all kinds of expression, and vast in her interests, experience and talents."

    If I've piqued your interest, I invite you to visit my site for more information. Or better yet, introduce yourself: [email protected]

    Happy Hunting,

    Flora Revel

    Flora Revel
    Not Your Typical Girlfriend Experience -- [email protected]

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    Montreal got under my skin. I will be back soon! Please let me know if you'd like to join me for some play next time I'm in your lovely city.

    Flora Revel
    Not Your Typical Girlfriend Experience -- [email protected]

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