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    hockey tickets

    I have a pair of tickets in red section 115 row V seats 3&4 iles seats almost centre on the visiters site which habs shoots twoice.I do have almost best games still available.
    habs vs ottowa Saturday oct 16
    habs vs new jersey thursday oct 21
    habs vs ottowa saturday nov 6
    habs vs vancouver tuesday nov 9
    habs vs philly tuesday nov 16
    habs vs sabers saturday nov 27
    habs vs senators tuesday dec 7
    habs vs phily wendsday dec 15
    habs vs boston thursday dec 16
    habs vs pitsburg thursday jan 6
    habs vs boston saturday jan 8
    habs vs pitsburg wendsday jan 12
    habs vs ranjers saturday jan 15
    habs vs calgary monday jan 17
    habs vs devils sunday feb 6
    habs vs sabers tuesday feb 15
    habs vs Toronto thursday feb 24
    habs vs boston tuesday march 8
    habs vs capital tuesday march 15
    habs vs trashers thursday march 17
    habs vs sabers tuesday march 22
    if you are intrested send me pm .remember premium tickets are more expensive than the regular tickets
    these are truly grate tickets because you get to see whole ice.
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    I still have most of the tickets avilable.f you are intrested pm me.

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    I have a pair of tickets for this wendsday Montreal against Pitsburg section 115 isle seats row v fantasic view for $ 500 if you are intrested please send pm

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