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Thread: A good Art School ? ? ?

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    A good Art School ? ? ?


    We'll fellow merbites, I'm writing the community to find out if people have any input from the list of Art Schools listed below which one is the best one. Any comments be it positive or negative would be appreciated. I'm asking because i'm considering in enlisted in an art school. Time for a chance in career for me.

    School # 1: Interdec -

    School # 2: Salette College -

    School # 3: International Academy of Design and Technology -

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    Please delete that tread, can't you find any other usefull board/community than an escort review board for that ?

    I dunno, just my opinion,

    Gooooser !

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    Depends what specifically in art you want to persue...From the schools you mentioned I am guessing geaphic art or perhaps design...

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    To ElfGoneBad;

    Thanks for the info, i'll look into all the items/points you mentioned.

    To Naughtylady;

    It's graphic art that I am interested in.

    To gooooser;

    I dunno, just my opinion, BUT this section is the Lounge Section whereby ANYTHING can be discussed.

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    hhhmmmmmm . . . talk about clearing the dust on an old topic . . . if it's still relevant for acer, as for the school "Salette College", I spoke to two friends that went to still college and they told me to AVOID this school like the plague. Both of them told me that the professors are let's say "unprofessional" . . . they promised you many things but at the end of the day empty promises, they both regret going to this school, they told that you can learn the same thing just by buying the areas of your interest at - they told me from what you're paying it's really not worth it - they told me it cost them almost $16,500 for 15 months of "dead air" . . . therefore AVOID SALETTE COLLEGE

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    I worked at College Lasalle, in another discipline- did art in CEGEP. If you are looking for a career, phone some graphic designers. Most have web pages or are in the yellow pages, ask them for recommendations. Most graphic artists are free lancers, rather than "employees" so you have to be comfortable cold-calling people to get gigs, info and contacts. Personally, I would get a good computer, a designer's software package(photoshop etc), and some basic art supplies like pencils and sketch book, and try and produce something everyday for a month, no matter what.
    If you can do that, it might be the job for you- if you can't, you'll be a year older, about $10- 15 k poorer if you get in (and private colleges will let ANYONE in, if the student has the money). Best of luck, Morris, hope this was helpful

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    I agree with robert_singler and Lime Ricky, . . . I also had some friends that went to this college in question [ Salette College ], three to be more exact, and they greatly regret going to this College . . . to reiterate there feelings about this school . . . . . waste of time, unprofessional professors with attitudes (they felt they were in boot camp with one teacher) but more importantly a lot of "smoke and mirrors" . . . basically they promise you the world but at the end you get nothing . . . oh wait you do get something, it's called a debt . . . they said you learn more from the videos . . . and as Lime Ricky said at private colleges as long as you have the $$$ they'll take anyone and I mean anyone.

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    I re-confirm the claim to avoid Salette.
    And second all mentions to check out other forums, call professionals, go to open houses, etc...

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    Okay, a simple answer is just not possible for this question. Depending on what kind of artist you wish to be, some form of tutoring/mentoring is absolutely necessary if you wish to become better. If you want to be an artist that actually knows how to draw, there are plenty of regular cegeps and universities that offer art programs for much less than 16000$ (yikes!! may as well go study in the U.S. at that price) but again depending on the teacher and the schools, results are varied. Draw draw draw is a must, there are even some nude model sessions available at certain places (there you go, something relevant to this site!!), 2-3 hours once or twice per week, where for 5 to 10 bucks you sit and draw a nude model (looks can vary!!) with other artists. You can even get some coaching if you approach the others correctly. Command of anatomy is a must and will only come after much patience and trial & error...

    Other types of artists can be some photoshop whizzes that take existing images and modify them into new art. Again basic drawing is necessary but less crucial here. I know some people that can't draw for beans, yet apply color and shading to some other person's line drawing and transform an ok drawing into a WOW! image...

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    Second shijak- mentoring is important. This work is pretty solitary- it isn't for everyone. You have to explore it. And yeah, a CEGEP program will take longer, but is cheaper, especially if you already have a DEC(you don't have to take English, Humaniites etc). It is also pretty tough to get established and earn a living.
    Regardless, you will need art supplies(especially for the digital stuff) so think about trying that- you might think about taking just an evening course, say at the Segal Center or Dawson to see if you have a real interest in pursuing this.

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    to demoiselle

    Interesting comment by demoiselle
    Although quite short it speaks volumes, however demoiselle why such a strong opinion, did you go to this school or know of someone who went to this school

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