I came across this game called 3D Sexvilla 2 - Everlust. I downloaded the demo and was very impressed by it.

Not sure if anyone plays it but it's basically a game where you kinda play God. You can customise your models (or I like to call them dolls) then have them perform unspeakable acts on one another, single, duo or threesomes.

So naturally, being more conservative, instead of buying the "sex-coins" used in the game to unlock other features like more dolls, better positions, sex toys and clothes, I decided to go the usual way;

I got the unlocked version off usenet. It's an older version and thereby the graphics are less spectacular than the current one, still though, it runs well on a business class (meaning NON-GAMING-SPEC) laptop provided you tweak the graphic settings to use DirectX instead of OpenGL.

Anyone else play this? I found it to be very realistic.