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Thread: BJ by an Escort Girl?

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    BJ by an Escort Girl?


    I am not a troll.

    I am asking this seriously. Lots of people over here are getting BJ by girls and talking about it openly. Hearing you guys, it sounds like there no risks at it and you guys don't even think of the consequences!

    I want to know, do you ever think ''oh shit i might get this or that'' while getting the BJ?
    Or you are really not stressed about it? Why?
    Do you think you can catch disease through BJ? Even if the percentage is lower than others.

    Thank you!

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    1. yes, there are risks.

    2. know what they are.

    3. decide for yourself what you want to do about it.

    4. preaching gets you nowhere.

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    Question ...

    Yes there are risks, just check/browse "Health Info Section" :

    Agree totally with JohnMBOT...
    It`s you who decide what risks you can handle and how !
    And most important is to assume...
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    If you really want to know..?
    There are risks in every intimate encounter.... RegArdless of where, or how you meet the girl.
    I find that the girls who do this for a living tend to take more precautions than girls you would meet in ..? Let`s say a club.
    The risks are always somewhere in my mind... And I don`t always practice ....
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    Thread moved.

    LOTS of threads about that, if you had just bothered to check the proper section.

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    Like with anything you do in life, you have to know and understand the risk. Once you have accepted the risk, you can better deal with it if anything ever comes up.

    If you are so concerned about catching something from an SP then SPing is not for you.
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