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Thread: Asian incalls in montreal over priced

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    Asian incalls in montreal over priced

    When a few of these girls come here(the older ones),they are asking $130 for 30mins and $200 for hr

    elsewhere in canada(toronto,van) $60 to 80 for 30 mins
    $140 hr

    check out the ads on other website

    same girl ivy(japanese )in toronto now,was charging $140 for 30 mins here

    lots of choice elsewhere,so prices are cheaper

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    I'd love to make a trip to Vancouver

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    Toronto and Vancouver have a much greater population of asians compared to Montreal.

    More asians mean the posibility of more asian SPs and more competition amongst them therefore driving down the price so they could get more clients for the novelty of being with an asian girl.

    Montreal has less asians so there are less posibility of having asian SPs and when there are asian SPs they can charge higher price for the novelty of being with an asian girl.
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    Agreed. Montreal is not the place to be if you have yellow fever. Better off taking a trip to Vancouver.

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    Unless things have changed, expect to pay more out there. I pooned a little out that way a few years ago, and the price was higher. Still much better and cheaper service than in the U.S.
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    Kansas Frank
    If you want Asian SP's, go to Toronto, where the supply is very high and prices are more favorable. I haven't been to B.C., so I can't comment on that market. But Toronto is the place to go for Asian SP's -- just be very careful; as they will promise you the world for the advertised price but when they meet you, the price seems to go up.

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    I fully agree with Kansas Frank. Just came back from Toronto. There is a great choice of Asian SP's down there. After visiting several places you can get a good idea which of them offer good quality services and which are crapy. I prefer Mississauga rather than Markham. A good service would cost around 90 for 1/2 hour and higher priced places do not always guarantee better quality. Hopefully Montreal will make some progress and bring more Asians, as Toronto market seems to be "overheated" - as the economists say...

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