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Thread: Has Competition Increased such that $160/HR is the norm?

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    Kansas Frank

    Question Has Competition Increased such that $160/HR is the norm?

    Maybe it's the season or increased competition. I've been noticing that a good number of reputable agencies are offering $160/HR. Is this pricing tactic that same as what most retailers engage in to bring in customers into the stores with the goal of upselling once they are inside the stores?

    If the new (lower) pricing is in fact the new norm, I'm all for it.

    Now, if only hotel and air fares follow the same trend, I'd be there in Montreal in no time.

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    I noticed it, too. My guess is it's not competition. It's people simply aren't spending money. Agencies aren't getting enough calls.

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    Winter is a low season for SP, less tourist than in the summers. So the price have to be lower since their is more SP and less tourist. Simple economics.

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    In summer, not being a regular client, I got attitude when I called at 7:00 pm to book a popular SP for 9:00 pm the same night.

    This fall I still couldn't have been considered a regular as I haven't telephoned the same agency twice. I was not only able to book three often reviewed beauties at short notice, but was asked each time if I mind if they arrive immediately.

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    Kansas Frank
    It's good to know one can find greater happiness in Montreal in the Winter. LOL. I guess some of the ladies need some extra money for the holidays.

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    between you and "them"
    From a strickly business point of view it is a mistake to reduce prices under those circomstances...I do enjoy it,but will not book more often anyway.

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    Now if only they went back to the $120/hr rate like back when I started SPing. I would spoil myself silly!....very silly!....
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    Competition has increased across the board in Montreal. Just check Craigslist at the end of the month for SPs offering specials

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    Ha...I remember those days, Don, and it wasn't all that many years ago. Plus, I am an American and the exchange rate was such that I bought C$ for something like 65 cents US$. Going to MTL to see a lady was cheaper than going on a date in the states, the women are much better-looking and the conclusion is foregone. Not to mention that with the low prices and great exchange rate you could have a terrific meal afterwards for what you'd pay for McDonald's shit in the U.S. But I digress.

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