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Thread: Sexy contortionist

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    Sexy contortionist

    Just imagine all the new positions
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    I do not know of any contortionist. I have had the pleasure of a gymnast that was on the Quebec contingent of the Canada committee to choose the final people to represent Canada in the Olympics She did not make the cut but I gave her my Olympic torch! She was amazingly flexible her tiny orifices could accommodate my Olympic events.

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    Not only is she bendy, she's pretty cute too.
    A few of my yoga instructors are very attractive, and also very bendy, but not as bendy as that girl.

    Just a tip guys, yoga studios are full of hot women. There are at least 5 women for each guy on a regular basis and sometimes even more. All wearing tight little outfits. And at hot yoga, they all work up a sweat and their bodies just glisten.

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    Check this site out for sexy contortionist.

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