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Thread: Hey! Let's buy Merc

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    Hey! Let's buy Merc

    It's become quite apparent that merc is an economic millstone around Tom's neck. Let's buy it and shut it down. I've hired the appraisal firm of Golda Myear and Morris Feingold and they've come back with a market value for the url of $247.50, exclusive of the vBulletin license.

    We're taking donations and will make Tom an offer he can't refuse. All of the proceeds of this fund drive will go to Tom, with the exception of $200 which will be used to raffle off an hour with the lady of the winner's choice from any non-merc advertising agency.

    The url will be placed in receivership with the legal firm of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe of Westmount. Tom will keep his vBulletin license with covenant that he not use it for a forum competing with merb. We'll use the poll function to take your donations.
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    Yea, Pepsi or Royal Crown are much better.

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    I would be willing to give a grand.. Just to shut it down..?
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