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Thread: Congrats to the Montreal Alouettes

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    Congrats to the Montreal Alouettes

    Winners of the 2011 Grey Cup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgna69xxx View Post
    Winners of the 2011 Grey Cup!

    Congratulations to the best City in the world for their Grey Cup win and a big congratulations to those who took my lock of the week prediction pick(Sakatchewan +3.5), I know I made a ton of money.
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    yes congratulaions to the best team.was close but montrealhad a fantastic 4th quarter.

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    Didn't watch the game. I was too busy watching the San Diego Chargers/Indianapolis Colts game. Manning got spanked!

    (And the Doc won $500 because of it! )

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    Calvillo announced after to the game that he will undergo an operation this week to remove a lession from his throat. Sort of sounds like a thyroid operation. He has known that he needed to get this done when it was discovered when he was recovering from his mid-year injury. Thyroid cancer is 98% cureable if that's what it ends up being.

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