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Thread: advice needed please!

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    Question advice needed please!

    Hello everyone,

    As much as I truly enjoy SP's who cater to my nylon fetiches, I guess what i would ideally want would be to meet a non-SP who could fulfill all of my nylon needs...Maybe even a girlfriend or life companion that also has the same nylon-needs as I. I know that there are thousands of women (if not more) that love what I love and would like to meet a man like me (or.................. i can just try and convert "regular" girls that I meet into my nylon sluts LOL which is actually alot of fun and a major turn-on).

    But I specifically want to find these women online.

    I'm thinking along the lines of an online dating site for nylon lovers (I would be surprised if one existed).

    I'm sending an SOS to the multitudes of merbites who might be able to steer me in the right direction by perhaps recommending some sites or online groups(google, yahoo, msn, etc) that you may be aware of (as I am still relatively new to computers (over a year only)), and I seem to be having difficulties with respect to finding exactly what I want.

    thanks everyone!

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    you could try here

    I'm not a member, so I don't know if it is any good. But it looks like what you are looking for.

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    thx, I'll give it a shot

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    actually, i don't know if i will, since I just realised that is affiliated to Adult Friend Finder...and I had a shit time with AFF (wasted my $$$) for 3 months................

    Thx anyways. Anyone else with any suggestions.

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