Although I'm based in Toronto, I do travel to Montreal on occasion.

The squirting show, described below has been getting rave reviews.

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Well, here's something different for you.

I have a soft spot for butch women - among other types of both men and women. I have a friend in Toronto who's the best lay I've ever had. And she's butch. Like, really masculine. Tattooed, big (BBW), tall and often passes as a man.

Did I mention she's really, really good at fucking me? If you'd like to see me come really, really hard, I suggest you get in touch. Interested in squirting? It's not uncommon that I soak the bed (or shoot past it), given the opportunity with her.

This would be a session focused on you watching us put on one of the hottest shows you'll ever experience, but we can negotiate participation too.


What else am I into, you ask? Here's a sampling. Check out my site for more info.


I imagine putting you in bondage; heavy leather cuffs on your wrists and ankles. Securing you to the bed and blindfolding you, depriving your sight while elevating your sense of touch. You are entirely under my control, and I intend to take advantage of this.

Do you like the feel of feathers? Leather? Silk? Ice or wax? I promise, it's that much more exciting when you're tied and blindfolded.

If you're lucky, I might remove the blindfold so you can take a good look at me while I climb on top on you, slip off my panties and begin playing with my pussy; first from above then working myself down until I'm only inches from your face.

I am an expert tease and I delight in depriving you from the release you seek: working you up until you almost explode and starting over again.


This week I went out on a date wearing stockings and a garter belt underneath a form fitting dress. The panties I selected were black lace, hip huggers that exposed my ass. As I walked around that night, I could feel the lacy fabric of my panties rubbing against my pussy and ass, getting me excited. When my date discovered I was wearing such elaborate undergarments he could barely keep his hands off of me; focusing his touch (of course) on my ass and upper thighs, driving me crazy and causing my panties to significantly dampen. By the end of the night these panties were a mess: moist and fragrant.

These panties could be yours. I would be delighted to deliver you any kind of panties, used/worn in the way we agree on, mailed or delivered in person.


It's fairly common for me to get requests for sessions involving gender play.

The typical scenario sees me dressing up a gentlemen in feminine attire - lacy, frilly, pink; panties, stockings and other lingerie. I enjoy introducing guys to the slippery, sensual textures of women's intimates; plus I appreciate creating a space for you to explore unconventional facets of your desires or curiosities about gender.

On occasion I get requests for less typical gender play, which I absolutely adore. A recent, extremely hot session saw me arriving dressed and acting as a man, packing my cock. I won't reveal all the steamy details, but let's just say he had excellent oral skills!


I'll start by warming you up. I'll throw on a black latex glove (um, hot), lube it up and start massaging your sweet spot, until I feel you relaxing and ready for what's to cum...

Fingers? My strap-on? My fist even?

I love, love, love ass play, and I'm really, really good at it. Come on over and let me show you why I'm called the 'ass whisperer'! I'm great with soothing initial nervousness (beginners, hello!), experienced and hot for play ranging from gentle exploration to a rough fuck.

Whether you fantasize about a sensual, explosive release, or a session that focuses more on domination, I'd love to help you get there.


I notice you admiring my perfectly-painted toes through the peep-toe heels I'm wearing, black patent leather with an impossible heel. Your eyes wander up my stocking-clad leg, its curves rendered taught and amplified by the angle of my shoe.

Tonight you will learn that there is a lady out there who understands your desires for these things. Tonight we will start with your tongue on my heel, slowly licking your way around my exquisite shoe to my toes, where you will begin delicately applying oral attention according to my specific instructions. All that excitement and we haven't even made it to my pantyhose yet...

Fetish-themed sessions are among my favourites. Check out my site for a sampling of fetishes I cater to.