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Thread: Recommended brands of condoms

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    Recommended brands of condoms

    Hi there,

    Okay, so as many circumsized guys, the generic average condoms simply does not feel right for me. So I am asking my fellow MERBites what do you recommend for a super comfy and sensitive condom. If it is a speciality brand, please indicate where it can be found.


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    I use Durex Avanti Bare bur as I am uncut maybe it will be too tight for a cut guy.
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    Lifestyles skyn: great.. But have an akward smell

    avanti bare...: great, but wayy too tight, tend to break., and the wrapper is unsafe.( tears too easily.. And you risk opening up the other one attatched to it.

    Lifestyles ultra thin...?Or ultra sensitive.. I don't feel much.. But I like the lifestyles stretchy fit.
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    Try crown mite have to order online, try to get the real ones not the knock offs. good luck.

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