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Thread: Tickets - Lauryn Hill & Lady Gaga

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    Tickets - Lauryn Hill & Lady Gaga

    I have two sets of tickets to sell. One pair of tickets for Lauryn Hill who is performing at the Metropolis Jan. 23rd. I thought I'd be able to make the concert, but alas, I have travel plans for that time period and I can't make it. Tickets were originally 60$ each (incl taxes and shipping) and it's sold out so it would be nice to make some profit from it.

    I also received for Christmas tickets to the Lady Gaga concert at the Bell Center on April 23rd. They are tickets in the REDS and I assume that they are good tickets from the price they were bought for, almost 400$ for two tickets. I'm looking to get at least 350$ for them, but I'll take a best offer. I'm not a fan at all of Lady Gaga and anyone who knows me should be able to induce that, but that's another story. I heard she puts on a hell of a concert in any case.

    I’d be willing to swap or trade for something interesting, make me an offer! I’m open to trade for anything interesting but here are some ideas I’m partial to: I need a gym membership, I practice martial arts and need membership to some place where they do that, anything that has to do with travel like plane or bus tickets or vouchers/discounts for them, and I like skiing and need equipment, day passes, lessons etc... are always useful!

    PM me for inquires or purchase.
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