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Thread: A "Tour" of Montreal

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    A "Tour" of Montreal

    I saw Muffinbuffer’s (MB) escapades which led to an immediate Expedia/Hotwire search of Montreal and emptying of a small emergency savings account. I had a couple days free up from the NYC area and made the most of them.

    I can’t write reviews as good as MB or recharge as fast. Montreal was a treasure with the most beautiful women in the world. My preferences were
    - Youthful 20’s tight-bodied spinner-types
    - I only got one SOG with a lot of down time so inexperience is ok.
    - Tits don’t do anything for me.
    - I love ass but don`t speak Greek. Self-explanatory.
    - I like to be teased.
    - I don’t like tattoos and piercings.
    - I don’t eat off the plate.
    - Average on the 1-10 scale is about a 6.

    And the reviews are here:

    Stephanie of Montreal Angels:
    Nadia of Montreal XXXTase
    Melodie of Girls on Fire:
    Nikki Kat of Montreal SC:
    Rachel of Asservissante:

    If I had to pick only one, I`d go with Stephanie even though Asservissante sent me home very happy.
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