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Thread: Providers posting in review threads

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    Question Providers posting in review threads

    I have a question concerning providers posting in review threads. Here are two very recent contradictory decisions regarding this rule:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mod 11
    I am letting the reminder of the post to stay because I believe it's important to get both sides of the situation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mod 11
    I deleted XXXXX's post since providers can't post in review threads.
    This question can only be answered by the Mods. However, I believe this is an important issue for all members to aware of, which is why I am posting it here instead of sending a PM to the Mods. My question is:

    Under what circumstances is it important "to get both sides of the situation" and under what circumstances is it cut and dried - "providers can't post in review threads"?

    My position is that it is always important to get both sides of the situation. However, like they say, "you can't fight city hall". Thus, I'm not campaigning to have the rules changed. I'm just asking a simple question.

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    This has been explained numerous times on MERB but I will explain it again:

    Advertisers are only permitted to respond to exceptional situations or serious problems that arise. They are allowed to make one post to explain a particular situation and we do not see any need to allow a continued series of replies in a review thread when one post should be sufficient to explain the situation. Unfortunately, at times some members will not accept the explanation and insist on turning a review thread into a problem discussion thread. This is what we try to avoid as such discussions usually end up as a war, taking a review thread off topic.

    As with everything, there are exceptions where more than one post will be permitted. Advertisers are always welcome to contact a moderator regarding any particular situation for permission to make an extra post. We will then evaluate the situation to see if it is warranted and if so, permission will be granted.

    Advertisers are not permitted to post banter or thank you posts, or any other posts that are promotional in nature, in review threads. They are also not permitted to get into a back and forth discussion over a bad or marginal review. Any post not related to a serious problem will be removed and repeated violations may lead to a short suspension of their posting privileges.

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