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    Spontaneous 4some

    I recently had this experience that I wanted to share. I would normally do this in the review section, but for reasons that will become apparent when you read this, I will not reveal the girls’ names because they might get into trouble. So... no names...not really a review...If you want names and more details...PM me. Also...I think this is clearly don’t expect the same treatment.

    I recently made my way to one of my local downtown incalls looking for an hour of GFE with a girl that received some better than average reviews. What I got was an amazing surprise!

    I arrived at the scheduled time and was greeted by a pretty, average looking girl...about 30 years old, medium build. I was led to the bedroom, paid, and I got undressed. She squealed with delight at the sight of my swollen member... I am significantly larger than average and she marvelled at it. I took a shower and then headed back to the bedroom for the main event. As I walked to the bedroom, I noticed that there were a couple more girls around. After a little caressing and lfk, she started on a . A little weak but fun just the same. She kept telling me how big I was...yeah yeah....most of the time I don’t think much of it...but she seemed so enthralled. Anyway, as she delivered the , I tried to finger her but she pulled away. So, I decided to get a little more aggressive with the . She could only get about a third of me into her small mouth. I held her head and tried to push a little more. She squirmed a little but didn’t pull I continued. She started to gag a little and pulled off...with gobs of spit hanging from her mouth. She was by no means going deep...she just had a low tolerance. She caught her breath and started again...I pressed a little harder...she gagged again...came off and smiled “you’re a bad man!”...and started with the again. I pressed even harder...maybe getting half way in...and did a little ff...this time she really gagged...came off and puked a little off the side of the bed! I thought oh oh...this is over...but instead she reached over for a wet cloth...wiped her mouth and continued the ! Great! After about 15minutes of this I could hear some voices outside the room. She stopped the and asked if I would like another girl to join? Sure! So...I hand her another $120...she leaves and gets girl 2...young, maybe 19, average looking. Now they both start playing with me. Girl 1 wipes off my dick and girl 2 start a novice . She clearly didn’t know what she was doing...but a cock in a girls’ mouth is never a bad thing...maybe not great sometimes...but never bad. Girl 1 was kissing my nipples and caressing me while girl 2 sucked. I tried digits on girl 2 but she too refused. So I tried daty on girl 2 but she girl 1 jumps up and sits on my face....mmmm.....all the while they keep giggling and commenting on the size of my cock. After a few minutes I decide it’s time for some pussy pounding and I ask for a dome. Girl 1 pulls one out and puts it on...I get her legs up and do her mish as girl 2 kisses me and fondles my balls as II thrust. I then move girl 1 on all fours to the edge of the bed and do her doggy as I stand at the edge of the bed. Girl 2 keeps caressing, kissing, lfk’ing, and ball fondling. Then it’s time for girl 2 to get a little action. I switch domes and get her to the edge of the bed, legs up in the air for hard mish. Girl 2 was clearly new at this and giggled and laughed as I entered her...she gasped a little, but then really got into it...fondling herself, giggling and moaning. I pounded her pretty good and she was very vocal. Then girl 1 starts fondling my ass and she gets a little vibrator and inserts it into my ass! Wow! At this point, girl 2 notices that she also feels the vibration as it transfers from my ass to my cock to her pussy! She was really enjoying it. Then girl 2 suddenly freezes...I paused...with a little shocked look on her face...and then shuddered and squealed...she obviously came! I pulled out and girl 1 pulled out the vibrator. I pulled off the dome and girl 1 started again with a . Girl 2 slowly got up and started a little lfk.

    At some point girl 2 leaves the room. Girl 1 continues with the . I then hear 2 voices outside the room. I ask girl about another girl to join us? She says sure and leaves the room for a minute...comes back and says another $120. Now in walks girl 2 and girl 3...a cute 20 something spinner. So now girl 3 takes over the ...giggling and commenting on my I lay on my back with girl 1 and 2 on either side of me, licking, caressing and lfk’ing. Girl 3 skills were better than girl 2...more experience. I pulled girl 3 up and reached around for a little digit play...she didn’t seem to mind...I then pulled her up and flipped her around with her little pussy squarely on my face for a little daty...mmmm....she tasted good and seemed to enjoy it. After a few minutes Girl 1 got another dome...girl 3 sat on my cock...with my legs spread wide she squatted and bobbed up and down. Nice view with her facing away from me and her little ass sitting on me. Girl 1 and 2 continued to kiss and caress. Now I just wanted girl 3...she was cute. I pushed her off and got her on her back at the edge of the bed, me standing, her legs spread wide...I plunged in...OMG she was tight...she squealed and winced a little, but then grabbed my ass and pulled me in. Girl 1 gets the vibrator out again and put it in my ass. I started pounding hard, getting one leg up on the bed to push in even deeper...girl 3 was panting very hard and fast...very vocal. I reached a very frenzied state...thrusting harder than I ever remember...girl 1 and 2 faded into the background and I was totally focused on girl 3...doing her hard and fast till I exploded! She was almost screaming. We were both dripping in sweat. Amazing!

    All this happened in just under an was crazy. The three girls hung around a few minutes, laughing and we talked a little. They all commented again on my size and performance. I too couldn’t believe I managed this...a first for me. I guess what made it so thrilling was how spontaneous it all was. I never planned or expected this. I only once before had 2 girls...planned for...never 3. Even at 2 girls I was a nervous wreck thinking about how I was going to handle them, my performance, etc...

    I showered, got dressed and left. As I walked back to work I realized how thirsty I was and how sore my legs were...I was a little wobbly. Can’t wait for my next visit....hmmmm....maybe 4 girls!?

    Anyone else have such an impromptu/spontaneous experience? What`s the most you`ve been able to handle?


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    You didn't see any cameras did you? Never had this happen to me. The only time this has come close to happening to me is in my dreams. Wow. Must have been a slow night at the incall place.

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    Do we know eachother..?
    Perverted minds think alike.. Great story .
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    Quote Originally Posted by sweetwater View Post
    Must have been a slow night at the incall place.

    That is exactly why I think this happened. Girl 2 & 3 were off the clock. The extra I paid was for them...not the agency...hence my discretion with names.

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