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    sex toys

    where is best place in downtown montreal to buy(price and selection)

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    I have not been down there in years, but there use to be 2 sex shops at the infamous St. Catherine and St. Laurent Streets

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    Try by buying online.

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    In 2004 I found a number on 123 of two girls that offered a particular service..
    They were in the sex toy distribution business.. Supplying romance, and a few other small sex store chains....
    Anyways, they offered for a 100$ cost+ 200$ guarantee in product sales... To come to any home .. In front of a single , or group...
    To demonstrate toys in a lesbian show.
    I did this with 2 friends, and my one if my friends girlfriends.. And the demonstration lasted roughly 2 hours.
    These 2 were really hot.. And true lesbians.
    Look it up on 123
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    Downtown is not the best place for that kind of shopping. On the west side of ste-catherine, there used to be 2 sex shops, one near st-matthieu and another one near du fort.

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    Il Bolero full of kink.

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